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Garbage Compactors for Large Businesses and Organizations

Commercial garbage compactors are perfect for businesses that dispose of large amounts of standard solid waste. They offer the convenience of a dumpster and superior storage space to a standard roll-off container, and because they compact waste into tight, condensed loads, fewer pickups are required. Thanks to their isolated system and locking capabilities, compactors offer businesses an invaluable degree of waste security, where waste remains safely contained until collection. Compactors differ from roll-off containers, which are required for construction and demolition debris due to the nature of the waste. When paired with our custom container fabrication process, there’s almost no environment we can’t accommodate when it comes to installing and collecting compactor waste. Any location with a 23’ 10” ceiling can handle container collection, allowing us to collect your compactor waste quickly and efficiently, keeping your waste stream open and accessible at all times. Our experts are happy to work with you to ensure we install compactor service that meets your business needs. Whatever your requirements, GFL can always accommodate you and we are happy to help. If you have any questions about compactor installation, pad service requirements or how to set up service, please contact your local branch. INSCRIPTION AUX SERVICES