Lab Packing Capabilities

Services include waste identification, inventory, transportation, and more

Many organizations generate miscellaneous chemicals, products or lab reagents from regular production, onsite lab operations or regularly maintained plant clean-outs. GFL’s specially-trained technicians can perform onsite lab packs of obsolete chemicals and reagents for safe removal, on a regular scheduled or call-in basis.

Our lab packing service includes:

  • Waste identification and profiling
  • Inventory of items for disposal
  • Segregation
  • Labelling and packaging
  • Manifesting
  • Transportation to our receiving facilities
  • Containerized waste removal

GFL can safely sample your waste, assist you with waste characterization, and determine the best treatment process for disposal. We will also help classify, separate and inventory all waste streams. GFL will complete all required paperwork associated with the removal, and transfer and dispose of waste according to all applicable regulations and guidelines. We can also provide appropriate containers for shipment if required.

Services vary by location. For more information or to inquire about service, please contact your local branch.